Tomatillo Time

20090819-DSC_0097We received our first CSA tomatillos and all I could think of was fresh tomatillo salsa.  With CSA green peppers and Essex Market fresh fava beans, we had ourselves fresh and tasty tacos.

20090819-DSC_0100I have rcf to thank for this delicious and simple tomatillo recipe.  Starting with boiled tomatillos (~10min), onion, garlic, and jalapeno (3-4min), everything is blended together along with a dash of salt and some fresh cilantro.  Since the recipe itself doesn’t have proportions either, it comes together by adding a bit of this or that until it tastes balanced and delicious.

20090819-DSC_0102We blanched the fave beans for a minute in boiling water and they came out firm and flavorful—fresh beans, who knew?  Next time we’ll find something more creative to do with these guys, but for now they worked well alongside the other taco fillings.


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